A Quick Update 

I moved!

Yes, after several months on a waiting list for the apartment of my dreams (at least my budget’s dreams), I finally got the place I’ve had my eyes set on. It’s about 550 Sqft with ample closet space and a loft bedroom. Oh and a 6ft-wide window that starts at the floor and goes all the way up to the ceiling. 😍 😍

Natural light floods in during the day and sadly the porch lights from the units across the street seep in through the cracks in the giant vertical blinds at night. But oh, my did I mention the natural light during the day?!

I’m so excited to be living here already but I’m still missing the books left after decluttering during my KonMari attempt.  They’re still packed and waiting for me at my dad’s. I had this wonderful vision of a bookshelf dividing my office space (which is in that gorgeous window) from my living room but I think it’s going to make me feel way claustrophobic. So, while I’m figuring out a shelving solution, they will have to stay packed up. 😔

But!! This past weekend, it finally stopped raining, and I finally picked up a desk and some drawer units from Ikea. I’m actually still putting my office together this week.

As far as KonMari… I haven’t finished discarding the paper yet and bought more recently. Yikes! But – it’s being put to good use… Promise. I’ve already used it to cover a small box and have taken multiple shots for the Instagram feed. Have you checked it out, yet?

Here’s a few teaser pics of my work-in-progress (you’ll have to excuse the mess as I’m still putting furniture together and snapped these just for you)!


Hope to hear from you!

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