Places I Remembered to Clean during Quarantine

Not long ago, I shared this idea list on my instagram which contains items essential for any spring cleaning checklist you happened to pin recently. Because I’m more of a clean-a-little-each-day kind of gal, spring cleaning isn’t really my thing and I don’t really have a checklist like that to share with you… Instead, I sat sat down to write out a list of places I remembered to clean while stuck at home in quarantine. **This is by no means a list of things I have done… only things I remembered needed to be done**

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Anyway – feel free to scroll on down if you’re just here for the main list of spots often missed during regular cleaning and note that even if you don’t clean your own home this is also a great list of places your maid doesn’t clean on the regular 😉

I’ll start by saying that I enjoy cleaning and because I don’t really work full-time, taking care of everyday tasks requires minimal effort for me in my 900 sqft apartment. I usually remember to tackle bigger projects like cleaning the fridge or pantry when I do a big shop. Similarly, special care of baseboards gets done before company comes over, vacuuming under sofa cushions occurs when the cat receives his flea treatment and so on. In fact, tying any task to something you already do regularly is good way to build a new habit.

tying any task to something you already do regularly is good way to build a new habit.


Despite using that helpful trick where I can, there are still a few chores that tend to slip my mind… Because of that, and because I’m not going out much these days (I mean, hello quarantine) I sat down to make a list of spots that are easy to neglect. Of course, not everyone cleans their own home, so this list is also good reference for tasks that aren’t typically included in a housekeeper’s routine either, and would likely cost extra if you want them done – be sure to ask next time your favorite day of the week rolls around (who doesn’t love maid day!?).

  • Drawer Pulls
    now, even if you give these a quick swipe when you wipe down your counter – these are probably due for a good scrub – go in with an old toothbrush if you have to
  • Baseboards
    with less company coming around (thanks COVID-19), my typical routine for this is a bit disrupted – swap in that pointy hand-held bit of you vacuum tools and really suck these things clean before scrubbing away with damp cloth or an old sock
my favorite kind of cleaning cloth
  • Door & Cabinet knobs
    as above, you’ll want to get these good and clean, some people recommend doing this at least once a month… I’m not a stickler for that kind of intensity so I try to do it as necessary or when I deep clean a given room – for this it’s good to use an old sock slipped over your hand so you can get in and around the knobs, as well as the parts of the doors that sit behind them and get neglected
  • Light Switches
    I usually remember these when I’m doing doorknobs because they’re located so close together in most rooms… – but don’t forget switches on your lamps or pull cords for your closets or fans if you have those
  • Chargers
    have I even cleaned these….??? just think about how often we touch these things in a day – give yours a good wipe down before you plug your phone in tonight (please unplug them first)
  • Tv Screen
    when dusting just isn’t enough (or if you have people who touch the screen with their hands omg) – use a lens wipe; never use a cloth to actually clean your tv… if you’re applying any kind of pressure, your cloth (especially microfiber) can have small bits stuck to the fibers that you can’t see easily which will leave scratches on your screen… my husband would leave me
  • Inside the Cabinets
    does this even need explaining? – just remember to take everything out first, no exceptions, and hey… maybe even declutter a little, do you really need more than could load your dishwasher a couple times over? just a thought…
  • Underneath the Vent Hood
    this spot could catch a lot of grease, so if you’ve never even looked, now’s a good time 🙂 – you’ll want to google instructions for your specific model but there are loads of videos online that show how to do this… some models even have removable grates that can go in the dishwasher! bonus! and on that note:
  • Inside the Dishwasher
    this one’s pretty simple too, but especially important if you only use your dishwasher as a drying rack like my family… – run the dishwasher on empty with a single detergent pod or scoop
  • Window Sills and Shutters
    most people neglect cleaning their windows, I get it… but the sills and shutters are probably forgotten just as often… shutters might need to be power washed and repainted if you’ve never paid much attention to them. with sills, you can go in with rags, socks, and a toothbrush and still never get them fully and completely clean, but it’s worth the effort and you can check for damage while doing this

    **side note – I did actually clean my windows and sills recently… I even went in with a razor and scraped off all the oversprayed paint and it has honestly brought me so much joy to be able to SEE out of my windows that I fully open the blinds each day now… alternatively, I discovered one of the pains isn’t completely sealed which can lead to $$$ down the drain for heating and cooling… clean your window area!**
  • Your Front Door
    as the main entrance to your home (most likely), this should be a point of pride in my opinion… – scrub it down and when dry, reapply stain or paint as needed
  • Your Vacuum Cleaner (including filter)
    I actually vacuum off my vacuum with the hand tools each time I vacuum… but sometimes the whole thing needs washing… this is really easy if yours is mostly plastic, but again you can google how to clean your specific vacuumand filters… after everything is dry, maybe add a couple dropsof essential oil on the filter or the bag if yours isn’t a bagless model…I like lemon eucalyptus scent 🙂
  • Air Vents, Ceiling Fans, & Light Fixtures
    in other words, look up! most air vents can be reached with your vacuum extension, ceiling fans can be cleaned off with and old sock (try folding the sock over the blade – top and bottom – rather than trying to put the sock on the blade itself… that sounds messy), and light fixtures can be easily dusted with your item of choice – you may want to go in with a damp rag spritzed with your favorite all purpose cleaner next time for extra clean goodness
love this scent for spring!
  • Top of the Fridge and Cabinets
    not everyone is lucky enough to have space on top of their cabinets (me) so I almost forgot to include them! but even the most minimal of minimalists with a bare-top fridge will find dust up there… if your fridge is built in, I’m super jealous!! but most fridges (even with minimal clearance) can be slid out a bit and cleaned off with a damp cloth
  • Under the Bed
    this will be super hard if you store stuff under your bed and I’m so sorry! sometimes that’s the only reasonable place to store things… nonetheless, – go ahead and pull it all out (give it a sort if you haven’t in a while) and vacuum or mop as appropriate for your flooring
  • Inside the Washing Machine
    again, there are plenty of tutorials for this online but I gather the product affresh works pretty well!

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