Hi, I’m Leslie Oviedo
Method31’s founder and primary organizer

portraiture: paulanluu.com

I have a bachelor of arts degree in liberal studies which I earned from the University of Houston in 2014.  I held a number of odd jobs throughout school, and always tried to turn those opportunities into organization projects (oops). But before I was even old enough to work, I would volunteer to optimize the supply cabinets at my mother’s office or alphabetize sports application forms in middle school phys-ed to get out of running laps.  Between school, work, and relationships, I never actually spent any time focusing on what I truly wanted and wouldn’t discover my own strengths until after graduating.

For years, I spent my time and energy supporting various partners and pushing them towards their goals until I met someone who was strong enough on his own that he afforded me the chance to turn inwards and discover my talents for the first time in my life; namely, helping others, organization, and connecting with people one-on-one.  Learning what I have, in the way I have, made it clear to me that we all need someone to stand next to us at times and give us permission to let go of certain things.  Other times we just need someone to guide us toward our own bit of clarity while priorities and obligations pull us in a thousand directions everyday to the point of losing track of who we are.  In addition to having someone help me in this way, I found that decluttering has greatly influenced the changes in my life; working as a sort of reset button and guiding me toward what worked best for me despite attentional and anxiety challenges.

Though I wouldn’t say that I have it all figured out, I believe that helping others find their own method of organization can change how they look at themselves and their lives.  It was on this principle that Method31 was founded in 2016.  Today, Method31 offers clutter control and concierge services to residents of the Houston area; including Bellaire, River Oaks, West U, the Heights, the Galleria, and more.  We help individuals who are downsizing, minimizing, streamlining, or just looking for a bit of extra support.