My Nursery Organization

Preparing for a baby can be a little daunting. Between ambiguity of the phrase and the myriad of ideologies, I had a hard time figuring out what to do to be ready.  And while you can’t always plan when you’ll finally get that BFP, once it’s in your hands, you’ve got some arrangements to make.

I waited a very long time to start prepping my home and nursery as I fought off the dreadful thoughts of not carrying my baby to term. I’ve never experienced a loss of my own that I know of, but so many have, and I just couldn’t allow myself to be happy and do my very-planning-best right away, for my heart’s sake.

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I remember my first faith purchase, the little onesie my beautiful baby has finally grown into at 12 weeks old, and how it allowed me to move forward with my plans. You see, despite my fears, I’d actually planned this nursery long before conceiving… But the little details were still to be decided.

here’s my first rendering of the space, contact me for info on obtaining a rendering of your own

Firstly, I knew baby would be sleeping in our room for a couple of months, so the changing table went in there.  I opted for minimal clothing and stashed a basket of clothes, a basket of diapers, some care products, back stock of wipes, and a wipe warmer. I chose to store these things below instead of on a shelf because babies tend to grab things and I wanted nothing within arms reach for now.

Similar baskets: | Wipe Warmer | Changing Table (painted with Waverly chalk paint in Moss)

The rest of his clothes are either in the laundry 😉 or in labeled bags in the nursery closet (larger and smaller sizes) until I get the tote boxes I want.

Same with current size diaper back stock and a box in the next size up. Organizing cloth diapering would have been easier, but we live in an apartment with no washing machine and while I’m willing to scrub poo out of the occasional onesie, I didn’t want to do that for a week’s worth of diapers between trips to the washateria…. Especially during a pandemic.

extra diapers in current size; tap the pic for a similar storage box!

The nursery closet also serves as linen and holiday decor storage for the rest of our home but I’ve got a designated hanging organizer just for baby items. In it I store wash cloths for bath time and prefolds which we use as a barrier on the changing pad so the one cover we own doesn’t need washing as often. I also keep extra crib sheets and mattress protectors in there, along with those adorable hooded bath towels.

tap the photo to snag these target hanging organizers

Items that float with us around the house throughout the day include a boppy pillow, for nursing and for sitting him up a bit when we talk or sing, and my breast pump.  Baby blankets are rarely used since little one is past the newborn phase and could break out of a swaddle at four weeks old. However, they live in an antique blanket rack in what is supposed to be a dining area but has been turned into a coffee bar/place for a baby swing so I can keep an eye on baby whilst cooking or tidying up without my boba wrap.

Wrap linked on photo 🙂

Overall, organizing baby items was simple as I chose not to have more than a dozen or so onesies in each size and hand wash the really dirty ones as needed. I take care of the clothes with Le Blanc linen wash and tackle tricky poo stains with a fels naphtha stain stick and scrub brush which I store under the sink in our bathroom. This handy drying rack folds up and sits right behind the nursery door.

Tap photo for drying rack

Though we ended up using bottles more often than planned due to baby’s tongue tie, I had made room in advance for the various dishes we would need in these early months. That meant decluttering the kitchen cabinets with the help of Christina at Dash (a local Houston organizing and concierge service). She also helped me prep a few freezer meals before I gave birth as well as lactation cookies and other snack once I was a few weeks postpartum. Fun fact, she was actually a postpartum doula in the past and was a tremendous help for me as a friend and colleague during my pregnancy and after.

PS: How much do you love this stripped rocking chair from my parents and the hanging rope baskets (photo linked) which are holding my nursing/pumping supplies?

Overall, getting physically organized ahead of time has made it easy to keep things tidy now that baby is here and I encourage you to make some plans yourself. If you need help, I’m happy to do a virtual consult if you reach out on Instagram. Congratulations and good luck!

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