What to Do with Your Junk! Pt. 1 – Where to Take Your Past Favorites

This guide is for anyone who’s finished decluttering, is halfway through, has made it through a category or two, or is too anxious to start because they’re unsure what they’ll do with all junk they decide to get rid of.  Okay, maybe calling it junk is a little harsh, as I’m sure each item meant something to you at one point. Of course, once you know what you will discard, the actual task of getting those things out of your home can be a major roadblock in any decluttering or organizing project.


So, in this two-part post, I will introduce you to a few places (local to Houston!) where you can take your past favorites – even the stuff no one really wants. Joining me in the second post, I have local moms’ guru, Amanda at West University Moms, who will share her top resources for streamlining after-school care and activities for your children which will give you the time you need to finish decluttering and actually clearing out the clutter.

First Up: Consignment/Resale

Ok you’re considering a garage sale… I get it… but I can pretty much guarantee that

A) you will not make as much $$ compared to how much time and energy it will take you to put it together


B) even if you feel like doing it for whatever reason, there’s a huge chance your HOA won’t even allow it (if you live anywhere near the loop)!

Now that I’ve talked you out of wasting your weekend, I’ll warn you now that consignment or resale is also somewhat hit-or-miss and not always worth your time. My #1 tip here is to ask yourself how much someone might pay for the item (like an old bookcase or cocktail dress) then to consider how much time/energy it will take to have it consigned.  If the amount someone might pay is larger than how you’d value your time to complete the process, then GO FOR IT!  But also be prepared for any given shop to refuse some or all of your items. If you find that others may not pay as much for the item relative to how much you value your time, consider just donating it… unless you have several pieces going to the same place that add up to a decent sum.

Either way, here are some great places in Houston where I currently take the valuables that no longer ‘spark joy’ for my clients (a la KonMari)

  1. The Guild Shop Ph: 713-528-5095
    2009 Dunlavy St. Houston TX 77006
    They take some consignment (call ahead) or you can donate items that are higher end furnishings, home goods, collectables, and treasures
  2. Blue Bird Circle Ph:713-528-0470
    615 W Alabama St. Houston TX 77006
    Resale shop for the eponymous clinic for pediatric neurology at Texas Children’s Hospital. Donate or consign select in-season and in-style clothing with designer and high-end labels by appointment only by calling Sheila Robinson
  1. Couture Blowout Ph: 713-533-9888
    2419 S Shepherd Dr Houston TX 77019
    In-store & online consignment for excellent condition luxury clothing and accessories
  2. Kid to Kid Galleria Ph: 713-622-2545
    1737 Post Oak Blvd Houston TX 77056
    (See their site for other locations & a full list of what they will consign)
    They pay cash for kids’ stuff like clothing, working condition toys with no missing pieces and working condition baby equipment (no breast pumps or car seats)
    Buying Hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 4pm, Sun 11am – 4pm
  3. Half-Price Books
    You can do a quick search online to find the one closest to you and for store hours etc. This is usually where I take any books that my clients no longer need. However, unless they are collector’s editions, trending hardbacks with the covers on, or a rare print, you are not likely to receive very much per book and this may not be worth your time at all.

Also – you should note here that as a complimentary service to all of our clients, Method31 will take your unwanted items for consignment, donation, or shred upon request (as long as it fits in the car – otherwise special arrangements can be made!).

Book your session now!!

Second: Old Documents, Mail, and other Shredables

If you’ve recently realized that a filing cabinet no longer serves you, your plug-in shredder may not cut it for the amount of paper you need securely destroyed. My current clients all know that I offer complimentary pick up EVERY MONTH for your shredding needs and never charge you to destroy your confidential documents. If you find that you’re in need of this service but are not an existing client – just mention this post and I’ll offer one complimentary pick up and shred. Otherwise, you can take the shred yourself to

  1. Vanish Document Shredding Ph: 713-682-6467
    4846 Cranswick Rd Houston TX 77041
    Free Document Shredding on Tuesdays & Wednesdays 11am – 2pm, Fridays 2pm – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 12pm
    Visit their website for a full list of acceptable shred

Third: Everything Else

If you completed the cost assessment mentioned above and found that donation would be a better option for your current items while preserving your mental health, then consider the following:

Local animal shelters are always in need of old towels, sheets, and bedding.

Many other places cannot take these items for health reasons.

Your local charity shop most likely cannot accept Christmas lights but you can check out this amazing Recycling Program by Christmas Light Source for working and non-working lights. I’ve also found that the Goodwill in my area is not accepting any bean bags.

Used Mattresses and undergarments including socks, underwear, and bras generally cannot be donated. However, I am sure that there are ways to recycle these items and I will look into it for a future post.

Try not to toss or recycle any plastic food containers or other small storage until you have completely decluttered your home since many of these items – including shoeboxes and packaging for electronics– can be used to organize drawers.  These containers will also be helpful for sorting if you’re still in the process of tidying up.

Please also note that if you donate items with holes in them or missing parts they’re going to be thrown away.  I won’t even mention what happens to the items that never sell. Please consider finding a clothing recycling drop box near you until I have fully researched all possible methods in this regard. For toys and games that are missing parts or no longer function, contact your city’s waste management department to determine whether recycling is possible.

Old Paint & Hazardous Materials can usually be taken to the Westpark Recycling Center located at 5900 Westpark, Houston, TX 77057. Ph: 713.837.0311.  They are open Mon-Sat 8am – 5pm.

One final thought… Regarding hangers

I could write you a whole post (or several) about hangers. But for now I will say that most dry cleaners and tailors will take your hangers, though some may be selective about the style or material. I usually drop bags of them at my cleaners and let them sort it out, though. Some places even offer a rebate!

In all cases described above, you can always call ahead.

If you liked this post, consider following me on Instagram for more tips and inspiration.  I am also available to the greater Houston area for decluttering, organizing, schedule management, and help with setting priorities and goals.  You can call or text me at 832.930.7099 to schedule your appointment or visit the link below to schedule online

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